What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a stick and ball game where the object is to put the ball in the opposition’s goal by scooping, carrying, catching, throwing and shooting. The ball must never be touched by the hands of the players. Lacrosse is not a violent sport and violence is not condoned, hower some types are contact sports similar to hockey. The lacrosse ball is made of solid rubber, is 8 inches in circumference and weighs approximately 5 ounces. The lacrosse stick is a long handled racket that has a triangular head portion that is strung with loose mesh. The stick is used to handle the ball.

There are roughly four types of lacrosse based upon the field of play, participants, rules and equipment used: field lacrosse – both men’s and women’s, box lacrosse and intercrosse…

Field lacrosse is played outdoors on a football or soccer sized field using 6′ X 6′ nets. Women’s field lacrosse is a non-contact sport with 12 per side, including one goalie. Player equipment is minimal consisting of special gloves & googles, a cup and cleats. Goalies usually wear more protective equipment including a specially designed chest pad and helmet and use a larger stick. Men’s field lacrosse is a contact sport with 10 per side including the goalie. Players wear protective equipment including a helmet, shoulder pads, arm guards, gloves, cup and cleats. Some players may also wear rib or kidney pads. Goalies also use a specially designed chest pad and use a larger stick.

Box lacrosse is usually played indoors in a hockey rink where the ice has been removed. There are 6 per side in box lacrosse, including the goalie and the nets are 4′ X 4′. Box lacrosse is a contact sport with similarities to hockey and basketball. It is known as the fastest game on two feet. Equipment for box lacrosse is similar to men’s field lacrosse, although instead of cleats, player’s use running or court shoes and always wear protective kidney pads. Goalies wear special protective chest pads and pants and also use hard plastic leg pads along with a helmet, gloves and a larger stick. Intercrosse is a non-contact game, which may be co-ed, that is played in gymnasiums with special plastic sticks and a lightweight ball. In all forms of minor lacrosse a mouthguard is mandatory.

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