The Best Protective Lacrosse Equipment For The Price

Protective equipment in the sport of lacrosse is the most important factor when it comes to reducing injury during a game. Although all injuries are not completely preventable, using the best lacrosse equipment can greatly improve performance and lessen the chance that a severe injury will happen. Taking a look at the variety of helmets and gloves will allow the consumer to find the best choice for the price.

As far as helmets go, the best options on the market today are from Warrior. With a variety of different designs and styles to choose from, there is something that will suit just about any lacrosse player at a fairly reasonable price. The Warrior TII Lacrosse Helmet is highly reviewed because it is comfortable to wear and protects the head from impact of any sort throughout the game. Not only does this particular helmet offer the best protection, but it is very lightweight and is designed in a way that looks great on the field. Many of those who have used this helmet previously have found that the line of sight is not affected by the mask portion of the helmet although there are some that have found their sight line to be reduced due to the placement of the bars. The price on the helmet is higher than some of the other models, which can be a slight problem if you are working on a budget, but it does offer the best level of protection.

Lacrosse Play

Lacrosse Play

Another item of protective lacrosse equipment that needs to be purchased to play the sport is a pair of gloves. Gloves are especially important for the goalie as this can greatly improve the comfort and ability to perform during a game without facing injury. The Warrior Shocker Lacrosse Gloves are a good choice for those who are playing lacrosse, especially those who are playing for their high school team. These sharp looking gloves are highly ranked in appearance, but they provide extreme levels of comfort and flexibility without the bulkiness that some other gloves may have. The triple density foam on the fingers is excellent for allowing this glove to fully protect the hand from any injury during game play. The only drawback with this lacrosse equipment glove is those who have hands that sweat more during high levels of activity will find that they may need something that will wick away the sweat a little quicker than what these gloves provide.

All in all, the Warrior TII Lacrosse Helmet and the Warrior Shocker Lacrosse Gloves are good buys for those who are looking for the best protective lacrosse equipment on the market. Click Here

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