Perth SEO Tips

All businesses with a website should try and get their website to the top of Google and Bing’s search results, as that ensures a good traffic to your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, something that is important for every business with a website. If you want to rely on SEO services to get your website to the very top, it will require many complex restructuring and whatnot. However, you can also try and do it yourself and increase your ranking in search engines searches. For those who are looking for Perth SEO tips, they will find the following tips to be useful.

Perth SEO Tips


The first tip that you need to focus on is the keywords. Be conscious about this aspect, as it is very important. Place the appropriate keywords everywhere that you possibly can, such as in the content in your website, the titles, in the URL, and the names of the images. These keywords are the search terms. If you were looking for info, how would you search for the information on this topic? The most important keywords need to be placed in the title and the page headers. However, don’t put a ridiculous amount of keywords, as that will label you as a spammer.

Creating a sitemap

In all the major pages on your website, you need to add page listings and you need to link all the major pages as well. This makes the process of searching things a lot easier on your website. It is better to be able to find the website and to get to certain pages with fewer clicks.

Search-friendly URL

This is important, as other people might not want to get on your website otherwise, thinking that it is an unsafe website. The lack of a search-engine URL might repel people. Your website needs to be as approachable as possible.

Image descriptions

Make the words related to the images on your website as closely related and descriptive as possible. Add an ALT tag, as that will make your image descriptions keyword-rich throughout your website. Make sure to make the text around your images as visible as possible, as that is important for SEO. Add captions to your images and be descriptive in the text which is near the image.

Website content

Make sure that the content in your website in your website is as fresh and regularly updated as possible. This is the most important thing that will draw traffic to your website. The best websites that users visit are content-rich and always updated with important info on specific things related to the website, such as information on the product, service, and or discipline, etc.

Bottom line

For business owners living in Perth, Australia, if the firm contains a website, instead of hiring a Perth SEO, they can opt to follow a few pointers to ensure that your website’s rank goes up on Google’s and Bing’s search engines. The tips mentioned above should help point you to the right direction.

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