Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many different types of dental procedures that one can opt from when something goes wrong with the teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is one such procedure that people opt for when the appearance of one’s teeth need to be enhanced or corrected. Only 2 types of dentists out of the several other types are the ones that actually care about cosmetic dentistry, and they are Orthodontics and Prosthodontics. It might be difficult to find good cosmetic dentists in certain countries. However, if you live in Vienna and are looking for a good cosmetic dentist, then perhaps the cosmetic dentist, Vienna VA, Gary Ellenbogen is the answer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Gary Ellenbogen

Dr. Gary Ellenbogen understands the value of a proper, healthy smile, and so, aims to repair anything that might be a potential threat to your oral health. He can provide the services that you need for a healthy smile, and if you have missing, misshapen, broken or chipped teeth, Dr. Ellenbogen will happily solve your problem.

Dr. Ellenbogen uses highly advanced technologies for his cosmetic dentistry services, which is another reason as to why you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to visit him if you live in Vienna.

His services

He offers a variety of different solutions for your oral problems, as such as bonding, teeth whitening, dental implants, reshaping and contouring, and crowns.

Teeth that have been damaged due to decay, are cracked or chipped can be fixed using tooth-colored resin, which is the technique that Dr. Ellenbogen uses. Teeth whitening is for those people who have discolored or stained teeth, and this technique restored the teeth to a natural whiter color. In order to achieve that, Dr. Ellenbogen uses whitening gels and custom-fitted trays on his patients. The general procedure can take up to 2 weeks; however, if you want to see faster results, you can talk to him about it.

His other service, implants, is for those people who are missing teeth. However, missing teeth isn’t such a simple problem, as it could lead to other issues as well. Missing teeth can lead to various problems, and one such example is strained muscles of the mouth due to the fact that the mouth tries to compensate for the missing teeth by chewing in other areas. In order to avoid this, dental implants are the best solutions, as they provide relief for the long-term and the implants look natural, are stable, and function just as well as your other teeth.

Reshaping and contouring fixes the minor problems of your teeth, such as teeth overlapping, irregular teeth or minor biting problems. And finally, crowns are caps that replace decayed or fractured teeth. These are no different from other dental implants and feel natural and are perfectly functional.

Bottom Line

For those living in Vienna, the cosmetic dentist, Vienna VA, Gary Ellenbogen provides the solution to all your cosmetic dental needs. He provides various different services, such as bonding, teeth whitening, dental implants, reshaping and contouring, and crowns to fix all your dental issues, and he also uses highly advanced technology to do so.


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