Becoming a Dialysis Technician

Medical students hesitate sometimes to take the first step to becoming a doctor, as it is a lifelong commitment that they cannot shirk from. That said, sometimes the best solution is to try out a minor job in the career that you are considering before you jump into it. Dialysis technician is one such job opportunity for medical students to take a closer look at the world of medicine to determine whether they would be willing to commit to it for the rest of their lives or not. It is also a great career opportunity for those people that are compassionate and genuinely enjoy looking after other people. So, how do you become a dialysis technician? Keep reading if you want to find out more and learn more about what you have to do for dialysis technician training.

Dialysis Technician Job

The job of a dialysis technician

For those wondering what a dialysis technician does, they operate dialysis machines and help patients with kidney problems. They don’t just operate the dialysis machines during the 4 hour dialysis procedure, but they also ensure that the patient is comfortable before, during, and after the ordeal is over. In addition to that, they are also responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the dialysis machine after a procedure has been completed.

Dialysis technicians need to be knowledgeable about the dialysis machines that they maintain and how it affects the human body. They also have to maintain other things, such as the records of the patient’s information.


This is perhaps one of the only medical careers in which you require very little formal education. You need to go to a vocational school or a community college for dialysis technician training. That is, after you have attained a GED or high school diploma. These dialysis technician courses will teach you about anesthesia administration and venipuncture, as well as about recognizing the signs of complications and about preparing the patient for the dialysis. You will receive these trainings after having spent time in the laboratories, clinics, and classrooms.

Job and certification

Dialysis technicians can work in clinics and hospitals and are required to have a license and a certificate to prove their authenticity. Also, for one to maintain their license as a dialysis technician, they have to continue with their education. The procedure and requirement of acquiring a dialysis technician license varies from state to state, but every state still expects the technician to renew their license every 2-4 years.

Also, if you want to advance in your career, you can do that through continuing education and/or by specializing in something. Some of the many field in which you can specialize include hemodialysis, and acute and renal dialysis.

Bottom Line

Becoming a dialysis technician requires one to have the adequate knowledge and the certifications, without which, it would be impossible to find employment. This can be a good career for the long term, as you can become a specialist with continuing education later on.

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