Get Me a Beard Trimmer Now! Is Chin Hair a Requirement for Lacrosse Players?

Native Americans are considered to be the first lacrosse players on the planet. While they used rocks and hand made sticks, todays players use hard rubber balls and crosses. Yet one thing has remained the same, the primitive nature of the game, which apparently makes players want to go all natural with their facial hair.

The point of lacrosse is the keep the ball inside of the net of the stick, while you run with it. When time to pass or score, you fling that stick to send the ball flying. This is a rough contact sport that is not meant for the weak of heart, and apparently not for those who don’t own a beard trimmer.


Just take a look the professional team the Denver Outlaws. Lacrosse is very popular in Denver, and Chris O’Dougherty one of their most valuable players. While he is known for his lacrosse playing skills, Chris O’Dougherty is also a hit with the ladies. It is not uncommon to find his face, sporting a beautifully trimmed beard on the cover of the Denver News sports section every weekend. He definitely has been given some great beard trimming tips over the years, along with learning how to play lacrosse.

Chris is not the only lacrosse player keeping his beard neatly trimmed. The Charlotte Hounds and Chesapeake Bay Hawks are also sporting an A list of players who are sporting neatly trimmed beards.

If we are keeping score here, then the United States National Team wins hands down in the number of beard trimmers they need to keep in the locker room. We’re not talking stubble here, these are full blown beards in serious need of some beard balm.

The Growing Popularity of Lacrosse

As the beards are growing profusely in lacrosse, its popularity is as well. While it has not yet gained the following that you see with Soccer and American Football, it is a widely popular sport played in High Schools and Colleges all across Northern America. As more professional teams begin to form, it is predicted that the recruitments from these schools will begin to increase.

One of the reasons for its lagging behind in the sports arena is the skill involved in playing the sport. While all sports require a certain level of eye to hand coordination, those who play lacrosse will tell you that it is heightened with theirs. It is one thing to have to throw and catch a ball with your bare hands, it is something else entirely when you need to use a small net attached to a long stick.

If you have never seen a game of lacrosse played, it is very exciting and not just for the beards. Support this sports continuing growth by attending games, both at the college and professional level. As it gains fans and spectators, it will begin to receive the sponsorships needed to form new teams and leagues and bring it forward as a contender for most popular professional sport.

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